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Hotel INOS won a 2013 Travellers' Choice award

Hotel INOS won a 2013 Travellers' Choice award:

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National and cultural monument Vyšehrad is located from hotel INOS just about 10 min. by walking. You can find these nice relics at Vyšehrad:

and lots of others interesting things. More at


The Leopold Gate CHURCH OF SS. PETER & PAUL The Vyšehrad Cemetery and Slavín (Pantheon)

Ancient legends situate the original seat of the Czech princes - the legendary Princess Libuse and the first Przemyslides - on the hill. In fact, however, this fort had not been founded until the Prague Castle was already in existence, since it dates back to the mid-10th century. In the latter half of the 11th and in the 12th century Vysehrad used to be the Przemyslides princes' main residence which brought about a generous building activity within its walls. Among noteworthy sight there are the precious romanesque rotunda of St. Martin (interior only for groups announced in advance), the gothic church of St. Peter and Paul (in the late 19th century rebuilt in the neogothic style), the Vysehrad cemetery used as a burial site of the Czech outstanding personalilties since 1869 with a collective tomb called Slavin, the underground casemates housing the originals of several baroque statues from the Charles Bridge. The Vysehrad site is open the whole day.

Vyšehrad National Cultural Monument

The Vyšehrad National Cultural Monument is about 10 minutes walk from the hotel. More information:

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